Automation School looking for a UI/UX Designer

January 23, 2019

by mpohyar

Calling all UI/UX students! Automation School is looking for a rockstar UX/UI designer for their engineering-driven company. Check out the details below to see if you might be a great fit:


Job description

You will be building a new website and student portal for Automation School with a very catchy UX/UI on the level of some video games! You will be working with a cutting-edge responsive website written in ReactJS and lots of cool backend APIs (both 3rd-party and proprietary). The best part is that you will be working with industry veterans who will be leading the front-end and backend projects. (So there is always someone with great coding skills to help you if you have some coding skills.) Currently we are not┬átargeting mobile apps, just mobile websites. But, it’s a great bonus if you have mobile app UX/UI design skills too.

Required Skills

Must have skills include responsive UX design for both desktop and mobile browsers

Bonus Skills

Bonus points (and additional pay!) if you have some coding experience for the UI and decent or good at modern JavaScript/HTML/CSS


10 hours – 20 hours/week for about 2-3 months


We will meet at least once per week in person at :

WeWork: 156 2nd St San Francisco, CA 94105

We will meet here when we need to sync up on critical flows and creative ideas.

The rest of the work that you will do will be done remotely. We will do video conferencing via Zoom as needed to touch base.

Estimated pay

$35/hour with bonus $10/hour extra if you satisfy and deliver on the bonus points! This bonus is very unlikely but we always like to keep the opportunity on the table for people who really help us deliver.

Pay will come through UpWork to make it easier for both parties come tax season.

Expected business outcomes

We expect a well-refined site at the end of our time together. This site will need to be pleasing to the eyes and delight our users with effortless intuitive UX navigations/flows and pleasing UI interaction elements and effects! Responsive design will help our business grow by attracting users to our site on their desktops and mobile browsers. (Mobile users are notoriously impatient if the site does not work well for them, this is where your responsive UX design will help us shine and keep these customers.)

Learning outcomes

As you work with other team members, who are seasoned software engineers and entrepreneurs, you will have an opportunity to take your current skills to the next level. Even while you contribute significantly on the UX design aspects of this project, you will have the opportunity to improve your coding skills for UI (if you are interested in that) and even learn some business skills (if you are interested!)

What will get you hired?

A passion for what you do i.e. UX design and helping build great web/mobile sites, owning your work (and sharing/collaborating too!), and yearning to do something BIG and grow! Bonus points if you can code a little bit at least on the UI side and/or interest in learning UI programming. We will help you learn it!

What do we need from you?

We will need you to share your resume and current portfolio of UX/UI work. Did you work on the project solo or others? We would also like for you to share some experiences of projects you loved working on and why? (500 words max)

Email your resume, portfolio, the answers to these questions and any questions that you may have to:

Work authorization:
Must be authorized to work in the US – Green Card or US Citizen.